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AC Magnetic fields under a 2 * 110 kV power line

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AC Magnetic fields (alternating fields) arise as a result of AC current flowing in electrical installations, cables, appliances, transformers, motors, overhead and ground cables, power lines, railways..., whenever the consumer is on.

In the vicinity of electrified railway lines, the so-called power train on the frequency 16.3 Hz to be a significant source of interference. If our body in an alternating magnetic field resides, he will freely flow through, we are "under power".

Magnetic fields induce change in the body unnatural stresses and eddy currents. Many other biological effects of endocrine disorders to leukemia, cancer will be confirmed again and again, discussed and further explored.

The WHO writes in 2001: Magnetic alternating fields of 400 nT are potentially carcinogenic. Magnetic fields are difficult and at great expense to be shielded. The safest way is the distance from the source of interference to date. The measurement is carried out preferably as a long-time recording in order to detect power fluctuations. The unit is micro-or nanotesla.

electric powerline Long time measurement under a high voltage line

The curve (graph left) shows during the night phase, a reduction of power flux density.

If from 6 clock am consumers use power, the load increases by leaps and bounds.

In the period of 12 clock will be a peak, the afternoon slowly decreases.

The curve ran differently when important "night electricity users" would be negotiated.

A blanket statement about electrosmog burden is therefore not possible. A long time measurement is necessarily advisable.

Building biologists and environmental analyst, the AC magnetic fields to measure and document can be found in
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