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High frequency correctly measure and shield
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In addition to the spectrum analyzer are calibrated antenna and a cable with a measurement control sheet (attenuation) for an exact measurement of RF exposure is essential.

To complement and the first orientation may be a broadband measuring device used. Precise measurements of pulsed radiation are thus only partly possible.

With the spectrum analyzer FSH3 and the antenna accessories are transmitters in the frequency range between 100 KHz and 3 gigahertz selectively determined. This includes the following applications:

  • Medium wave and FM radio
  • Analog Television
  • Digital broadcasting and digital television
  • Mobile applications to the GSM and UMTS standard
  • DECT-Schnurlostelefone, WLAN-Sender
  • DECT cordless phones, Wi-Fi Channel
  • Radio amateurs
  • MW (leakage test)

Hochfrequenzspektrumanalyse zur exakten Messung der Mobilfunkstrahlung
spectrum analyser FSH3 measures between 100 KHz and 3 GHz

For the transmission of mobile phone base stations according to the GSM standard, the minimum and maximum value can be calculated. Moreover, using the frequency table to determine which operator to send the station.

The customer receives a detailed measurement. This can be useful to compare subsequent changes in the cellular base station.

Shielding should be carefully executed. High-frequency radiation can through fine slits in the room to penetrate. Overlapping fitting is required. A shield with no previous measurement is not recommended because too much either or too little will be screened. Each square meter shield will cost money.

The quality of the shielding should be so high that an attenuation of at least 30 dB at a broad spectrum is achieved.

The following building biologist in Germany work with spectrum analyzers:   www.elektrosmog-messen.de/elektrosmog3.html