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Piezo phones - call without electrosmog
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Conventional cord-bound telephone apparatuses are generally equipped with dynamic hearing capsules. These hearing capsules are characterized by very good acoustic characteristics.

Due to the internal structure, these transducers produce strong magnetic fields within the low-frequency range from some hundred Nanotesla to some thousand Nanotesla and are definitely not radiation-free thereby as is unfortunately often falsely stated.

How does a piezo-acoustic principle function ?

A ceramic material of certain composition is poured in 0.1 mm thick foils. As from a "Cookie dough" disks are punched and burned. Both surfaces of the discs are metallized, and then polarized contacted and glued on a membrane.

Piezo crystals have the characteristic to release in the compressing current, for example Piezo lighter. Be the metallized areas with power provided the crystals pull together.

The membrane glued to the piezo crystals have a self-resonant frequency. If it is generated with one of the geometry of the disks and diaphragms of certain frequency, is to be heard a pure tone, for example ringing. Through acoustic elements, resonators, back room volume etc., the self-frequency of the diaphragm can be attenuated and the remaining frequencies reinforced. For use in telephones the required curves are reached by the design of the housing. The piezo technology requires significantly higher manufacturing precision than the manufacture of a dynamic capsule.

Own and other measurements with a modified piezo phone show that it is possible to produce a nearly magnetic field free Piezo phone. The load of this Piezo phone handset by low-frequency magnetic fields as well as by static magnetic fields (permanent magnets) is very strongly reduced. Compared to the average capsule (dynamic hearing capsule), the magnetic fields due to the piezo technology are reduced to approximately 99%.

Source: www.umweltanalytik.com/ing92.htm

Piezo telephone Important notes about phone calls with piezo technology:

The used piezo hearing capsule emits no electromagnetic fields, therefore a coupling with a hearing aid is not given over the electromagnetic switching network.

In extreme hardness of hearing, the phone is not recommended. With small and middle hardness of hearing when using the telephone no disadvantage was determined. In the doubt hearing aid carriers should test the telephone before the purchase.

Since the piezo hearing capsule from the physical impact is reversible, hearing capsule function also as microphones and in vice versa. Experiments have shown that the powerful hook of the telephone handset can generate high tensions in the phone.

An appropriate treatment of the phone avoids functional errors and extends the life span. Electronic preventive measures are intended, which are to prevent high tensions, yet can extreme mechanical effects lead to malfunctions.

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